06 June 2014

Budget Bizz

Todd and I are on a strict budget these days.  Even though it's hard for me sometimes, it is also actually really, really, really exciting.  We are on a track to be debt free (I'm up to my nose in school loans) which is something that sometimes seems so far away, I forget that's the end goal.  Sometimes I feel like our money is floating off into some vast void and that I don't really know if the loan is even being cut down in size because we are taking such baby bites out of it.  But then I remember that that's why you make goals.  You can't get immediate gratification when it comes to goals (especially if it involves student loans haha!).  You have to be patient and dedicated.  I think that the day we are debt-free, we will go take a really fun vacation to celebrate.  I haven't talked to Todd about this, but I'm already making plans for it, so it's happening.  

I did talk to Todd though about how I need smaller intervals of rewards though to accomplish this whole debt-free/saving business.  I mean don't get me wrong, that day that we are debt-free will be a glorious reward for all of our pinching and saving, BUT that's pretty far in the future.  And let's be real...I do not have that good of a vision.  Todd is a little different.  He's so dedicated and good with money.  I'm grateful for it, I really am, but sometimes I want him to forget for just a moment that it's important to be good with money.  HA!  It doesn't sound like I'm on board with this "Budget Bizz," but I promise I really am!  

Anyways...about this smaller intervals of rewards thing...I told Todd that I need smaller things to reward myself for keeping to our budget.  Todd wholeheartedly agreed...with a little arm twisting.

Here is my first mini goal...

If I go 6 months to sticking to our budget like a champ, I can reward myself with this beauty...

In our living room, we have a desk that Todd uses for school, and I use for work.  We have a stool right now that we have been using since we got married.  It's a cute stool from Target, but it has seen its last days.  It wasn't really meant to sit in I don't think...more for decoration?  If it was made for sitting, it wasn't meant to last very long or be used very often.  The padding is squished, so now it's like sitting on a brick.  The legs to the stool are extremely wobbly, and I wouldn't be shocked if they popped right off before 6 months even came around (but I promised Todd I wouldn't purposefully harm or destroy the stool just so I had an excuse to cash in on my reward a little sooner than we planned...but maybe I crossed my fingers when I promised).

Anyways...here it is, and I'm salivating.  

I will probably be posting a lot more about our financial goals and budget, in hopes of keeping me on track and trying to improve in an area that I really need to improve on!

Cheers to change and TGIF!!!!  Go Spurs.

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  1. That's so amazing! Go Ashton and Todd!! I remember the day I paid on our last loan from school. It felt INCREDIBLE. Do you do the debt snowball? Dave Ramsey's book ins great. We didn't do the cash thing, but I like a lot of his ideas. Make sure you guys are also saving. It's seems silly right now when you are trying to get out of debt, but put away even just a small bit to get yourselves in huge habit. Time is on your side!!


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