25 June 2014

Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins, oh my!

The past few weeks have been some seriously wonderful weeks.  For Paige's wedding, most all of my family was in town for the week before and the week after.  Hunter is on his mish, and Jefferson and their kids couldn't make it, but Courtney flew all the way from Japan to be there!  I can't tell you how good it was for all of us to be together.  I hope it happens more often.  My mom and dad stayed for the week after the wedding too, and it was so nice to have them spend time with Reese.  They obviously don't get to see her as much, but I feel like it makes that time we do have together all that more meaningful.

Right now, we are in Park City spending time with Todd's family, and it couldn't be a more relaxing and enjoyable trip.  One of my favorite parts has been seeing all of Reese's little girl cousins interacting with Roni (even if sometimes she freaks out when her bubble is invaded hahaha).  

And then there's the in-laws.  Basically, they're great, and I can genuinely say I enjoy spending time with all of them.  They are freakin' hilarious, and I love when we all get together.  Missing Tay and Nat, but maybe if we keep pinchin pennies, we'll get our booties to the Carribean! 

Bottom line...family means the world to me.  There is nothing more valuable or important to me than my family and the time spent with them.  

I hope my kids will always have loving, close relationships with all their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  They offer a love to Reese that I could never offer.  It's a different kind of love.  Very special relationships.  And I hope Reese grows to cherish those relationships as much as I do.  I want her to always know that even when she's ticked at me in the future or feels lonely or feels like she's not good enough (because I am remember those times all too well growing up!), she is cherished and adored by her extended family and can always rely on them.

I feel very lucky to have such close-knit families on both mine and Todd's sides.  I truly admire every person and couldn't have handpicked more perfect people to call family.

Reese today.  We love our girl!

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