30 May 2014

T-O-Double D's Surprise BBQ

Last Friday, I threw Todd a surprise BBQ birthday party with his friends and family.  Todd insisted that it was an actual successful surprise (which I still don't believe because I've never actually accomplished a surprise party without blowing the surprise haha).  I told him that we were going on a double with his buddy Lincoln and his wife to see Iron Man 3, and Hawley was going to watch Roni.  He was really excited about Iron Man 3, more than I thought he would be haha, and after the party he was like we really should see that movie though, ha!  But once we rolled up to Bill and Hawl's, he thought we were a little late to the supposed movie, so he left the car running and was all, "Let's make this snappy."  We came inside, and no one was to be found (they were all in the backyard), and that's when he said he was pretty sure he knew what was going on.  So we walked outside on the patio, and we saw everyone peeping out from behind the playground.  Todd's brother John, rallied everyone out to say, "Surprise!"  Hahaha. It was funny. 

It was so great to see all our friends and family, and I know it meant so much to Todd to have everyone there!  He loves his family and friends so much.  I knew that was something I loved about him when we were dating.  Yeah, yeah, yeah everyone loves their family and friends, but Todd really loves his family and friends.  They mean the world to him and really feels like each is his best friend.  That's how he treats people, and I love that about him.  

We all enjoyed everyone's company, ate good food, sang him "Happy Birthday", and dug into his favorite Fruit Pizza Pie.  Love my man and wanted to throw him something that would make him feel special.  Hope you had a wonderful birthday babe, I love you!

Here are some pictures that our sister-in-law Bonnie snapped at the end of the festivities and sent my way because as always when it comes to the bigger, funner events I always forget to take pictures!  Thanks Bonnie! 

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