22 May 2014

T-O-Double D

He's gettin' up there folks! The big 2-3!  Yesterday Todd celebrated his 23rd birthday, and we really had a great day.  I love spoiling him, and I got to spend so much time with him it felt like, even though he still had work.  He said to me in the car yesterday..."I don't feel like 23."  I asked why.  He replied, "I'm not old enough to be 23."  (Since 23 is such a whopping number)  I asked how old he felt.  Without question, he answered, "In my mind I will always be 17."  Haha! The best part is that he was pretty serious.  He'll deny it of course, but I know he was.  

Yesterday, Reese and I went and surprised Todd at the physical therapy clinic he works at.  So fun to see him at work!  He was totally blushing the whole time, so I consider it a success.  He didn't tell anyone it was his birthday, so of course I did, and the red cheeks flushed soon after the announcement.  Success!  It was crazy too because it turns out the physical therapist he works for is the same therapist that worked with me after ACL surgery a few years back.  Small world!

After that, we came home and waited for the birthday boy to get home for lunch and to open "pressies".  When he got home we had lunch ready to go, and Todd opened his presents.  He got some new Nike dry fit socks (you can never have too many socks according to this kid), some sandals for the beach (the kind that have the strap over your whole foot...flip flops are absolutely unacceptable and Todd would never be caught dead in them...I don't get the aversion, I like 'em!), and a new pair of MJs!  The last one I was most excited about because it was something we didn't talk about, but I had been saving up for them and being very sneaky about it, haha.  I wasn't sure if he would like the ones I picked out but he did, and it made me so happy, probably more than him!  Then he went to work at the MTC, and right after we went out to "THE Olive Garden" (as Bill, my father-in-law, so eloquently calls it) with Todd's parents, Bill and Hawley.  Right after, they took Reese home with them to watch her for us while we went to see Godzilla.  Todd had been dying to see it, and it was so good!  Not the kind of ending you would expect, but we loved it!  Before the movie, we went to mall to pick out a shirt for Todd, and while we were there Todd stumbled on some Jazz socks that had pictures of some legendary Jazz basketball player that I couldn't name for the life of me.  It was love at first sight.  Those socks were meant for Todd Barrett.  We left the store, and he was like a five year old leaving the candy shop.  Love that man.  

After the movie, we picked up Reeser from Todd's parents (Thanks so much Bill and Hawley!!!) and headed home.  We put Reese down and seriously CRASHED.  We were so tired!  It was a great day, and I had fun spending so much quality time with my boo.  He is my everything, and I love him to death.  So lucky to have married my very best friend!  He's the best to pal around with and couldn't have asked for anything more. 

Love you babe!

P.s. I'm TICKED 'cause I didn't snap any shots of the WHOLE day!  Not even a cliche selfie of us.  Bummer.  But here is one of my superman! Hahaha.  Lookin' good hubby.  Can you tell he's a little shy about the whole ensemble?

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