30 May 2014

5 months

Stoooooooop grooowwiiiinnnnggggggggg Roni.  NOW.

I had an episode yesterday.  A fit.  A little ride on the Emotional Rollercoaster of Life.  Time was going by too fast, and I didn't like it one bit.  I told Roni point blank that she was to stay this little forever.  And then I had a Taylor Swift, "Never Grow Up" montage running through my head.  And I cried.  Hahahaha.  I cried, Todd laughed, I cried some more, Todd laughed, I laugh-cried, and then we were both laughing uncontrollably.  Todd got me some tissues, we put her to bed, watched Parenthood, and all was right with the world again.  

Reese is a little bundle of squishy joy.  Her cheeks tempt me everyday.  I want to gobble them right up.  She's teething right now though, so sometimes I want to gobble her all up and have a break.  But then she smiles that toothless (not for long!) smile, and I can't be mad.  Teething must be horrible.  Sharp teeth breaking through your gum, tearing apart what once was a comfortable mouth of gums.  Yikes.  I would whine and cry hysterically too.  She's probably handling it much better than I would.

Reese makes me a better person I'd like to think.  She teaches me everyday what's important.  Reese makes Todd a better person, I'd like to think...I know.  Watching Todd become a veteran-ed, more-experienced father with every passing day, makes me weak in the knees.  Except for when he forgets to do the dishes.  Or when he wins rock-paper-scissors-shoot meaning I have to put Reese to bed.  Or when he leaves his drawers open, and I bust my shin open on the da%* things.  But I love him, I really do.

Here's Roni's 5 month update via Insta 'cause I'm too lazy to come up with cutesie things to say twice...

"5 months and goin' strong!  This chick is all about her tummy time...not.  But she is getting better at it!  Rolls over now and does superman action on her belly.  We gave her rice cereal and she's...allergic.  Or so they tell us...***Why am I so skeptical of doctors?***(I just inserted this and recognized sometimes I really do wonder if docs know what the H they're talking about.  I don't know why I feel this way, I really don't haha)...She broke out majorly.  But ate it like a champ!  She's teething and her two bottoms have broken the gums.  She's trying to figure out the whole nap thing, some days are better than others, but I suppose that's how mommyhood rolls!  Dad loves her chunky legs, contagious smiles, and her snuggles.  She's our smiley, happy hoodrat, and we love her to pieces."

Reese in her triumphantly terrific 4th month of life...

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  1. Love it!!! You are such a great wife and mother! Reese is definitely where she belongs! You guys are such a cute little family!


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