22 April 2014

Photobombed: Easter 2014

That one time "Brother Todd" photobombed our Easter picture and scared the snot outta me.

Easter morning we went to church and had the most beautiful service.  Full of music.  I love music in church services.  People are so talented, and I'm grateful when they share those angelic voices!  I really felt God's love in that meeting and was overwhelmed with gratitude for my Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Because of Him, I get to be with my family FOREVER.  All of my family FOREVER.

Easter Sunday was full of family, and I felt so blessed.  After church we drove up to Salt Lake with Paige, her fiance Conrad, and "Brother Todd" to have our traditional Easter lunch with Megan, Gabe, and Rio.  It was so nice for us to all be together and hang out.  We had an Easter egg hunt, yummy taco salads (Gabe is the best cook), and jumped on the trampoline.

After lunch in Salt Lake, we drove back down to Provo, and Todd and I had dinner with his family at Bill and Hawley's house.  We had Easter dinner and just hung out.  I feel so lucky to have scored such great in-laws.  From day one, they've been nothing but kind and welcoming.  Love them. 

Then Todd, Reese, and I came home and just spent the evening with each other watching our favorite show these days, "Parenthood".  

Love my people!
Hope y'all had a wonderful Easter!

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