16 April 2014

3 months

Our baby girl is actually about to turn 4 months in two days, but I haven't done her 3 month post yet, so here it is!

Instagram:  "This past month, her smiles got super intense, we're waiting on the edge of our seats for that laugh to explode!  She has a new bosom, bunny buddy that she deathly grips when she sleeps.  She's become a great sleeper!  7-9 hours straight for the past couple of weeks, holla!  Finally figured out she's allergic to milk, so she's now a soy baby that comes with a ripe, soy neck (soy milk, spit-up necks smell horrific).  She loves to sit up in daddy's lap and explore all the exciting things in our living room, smiling all the while.  She recognizes our voices and turns her head towards us when we obsessingly call her name.  We love our hoodrat princess and that's that."

Seriously though.  We're obsessed.  She makes life so happy.  I love waking up to her talking to herself in the morning, and then going in to find her all smiles, just keeping herself company in her crib until I come in to get her.  I was thinking yesterday about how nervous we were when we found out we were pregnant.  We weren't sure if timing was right, and it all seemed so quick! But now that she's here, we couldn't imagine our life without her.  Each month older she gets is bittersweet, I am already wanting time to slow down!  Don't grow up so fast girl!  

I give you...Reese Lynn Barrett.  And her rowdy third month of life.


  1. Oh my GOODNESS! She is so precious and i love your blogs!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS! She is so precious! I love your blogs


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