05 March 2014

Daddy's Little Girl

Today on the way to dropping Buns off at work, he told me about how Reese was a perfect Daddy's little girl while I was at work.  He was sitting in the back of the car with Reese, and I looked in the rearview mirror to see him.  His face was lit up like when the Jazz win a big game.  He told me that she was one a happy camper sitting next to him in her little, pink bed just smiling and cooing like crazy.  Then I caught him in the rearview mirror looking at Reese and smiling.  Cue melting heart. 

It's so fun to watch him love on our little girl.  Whenever he comes home he goes right to her and gives her a big ol' smackeroo, pickin' her up and snuggin' her.  

I don't tell him enough how incredibly amazing he is.  We are both far from perfect, but he is seriously the most perfect imperfect husband ever.  He does so much for our little family.  He is a full time student, works 20 hours/week, shadows at a physical therapy office, watches Reese while I'm at work, and watches her while I work out in the mornings.  I don't know how he does it all!  And for the most part, it's with a smile on his face(unless it's American Heritage of course)!  If that isn't enough he helps me around the house too.  This past Monday, I started an online job for Google.  I am an "ad rater".  Long story short, I rate the search results that show up after you Google something and how relevant they are.  It's a huge blessing that I found this job because I can do it from home and while I'm at the housing office (because I do nothing at the housing office haha)!  Aaaanyways...this past Monday I was a little lot stressed about starting the new job.  I had all these huge plans over the weekend to get all our laundry done (aka all of the clothes we own because they are ALL dirty), deep clean the kitchen, organize Reese's room, etc... Why I decided to make THAT weekend the weekend I accomplish everything I've ever wanted to accomplish in our house, I DON'T KNOW...but I did, and needless to say, a whopping zilch was accomplished.  So when Monday came around, starting my job was stressful because the house was out of whack.  

Then Todd saved the day.  

I went to the housing office like normal for a couple of hours, and while I was there I started my Google job.  When I got back, I came in the front room, kissed my hubs, and talked about the job to him for a little bit.  Then I proceeded to go into the kitchen to get some much-needed grub, and it was SPOTLESS.  The piles of dishes were done, and when I mean done I mean washed, dried, AND put away.  We don't have a dishwasher, so they get put in a drying rack and some towels on our counter, so that was HUGE...the counters were CLEAN. The floor was CLEAN.  The stove-top and kitchen table were CLEAN.  

After I freaked out about the kitchen and kissed my hubs all over again, I went back into our bedroom to change into comfy sweats.  Favorite part of the day.  And then...

Laundry done.  Clothes folded.  AND PUT AWAY.  

Cue more kissing and praising.  

Really though, this guy's a winner, and I'm grateful he's mine forever.

Stole this pic from his insta.  He loves his baby girl.  That's what's up.

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