06 February 2014

Ariana Grande Snuggles

Tonight I had a plan.  Dishes, weights, flashcards for Buns.  I had just nursed Reese, put on some Ariana Grande, started the dishes, and she was sound asleep.  Oh wait...  

Cue crying.  

I proceeded to repeat the following process what felt like a million times:  Pick up, swaddle, binky, swing, put pack in bed, repeat.  She was a trickster you see...every time I picked her up she was happy as a clam, content as could be, all smiles that girl...then would doze off until she looked like the above picture, BUT the second I put her back in bed, all hell broke loose not 5 seconds later.  

Then something clicked.

I decided to give in.  Maybe in the future that will be considered bad parenting, but folks, tonight I gave in.  I let go of that obnoxious, nagging to-do list in my head.   The one that perpetually pokes and prods my brain until said to-do list is completely checked off.  Tonight though...I let go of the list.  Of the plan.  I held my baby girl right there in the kitchen.  Right there in the kitchen where the dishes were mocking me.  But I turned the other cheek and swayed to Ariana Grande with my little princess.  I snugged her and kissed her bald head to my heart's content.  I held her little hand and tickled her back.  I won't be able to do that forever.  So I did it tonight.  And I pray I remember that moment forever.     


  1. that swaddle on little Reese looks like it was done by a professional!! Impressed.

    1. Oh giiiirl, I am NO professional haha, it's one of those Halo things that makes it easy for ya;) Are you getting stoked/nervy/is it still surreal or what??


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