21 February 2014

2 Months

If you follow me on instagram this is basically the same updates, but our little princess is 2 months old!  Our little hoodrat loves her swing and to be wrapped up real tight when she's fighting sleep.  She's a healthy little chunkster with a 98th percentile-sized, Barrett head.  She loves talking to her momma and daddy, cooing like nobody's business, and it doesn't take much to get her to smile.  She's got seriously stanky gas and smiles in her sleep.  She takes after her momma and always calms down when Alicia Keys is on.  She is our little princess, and life is beautiful with her in it.  

One of my sister-in-laws sisters-in-law, Katie Jo, told me when I was pregnant that for her the 6-week mark was the magic number...when everything kind of fell into place and resembled a routine again.  She was right!  For me anyways!  Don't get me wrong, there are still the hang-ups and hiccups, but I feel like I've finally gotten the hang of it.  And when I say the hang of it, I don't in any way mean that the questions and concerns that come up ALL the time have stopped (because they haven't), but what I mean is that when they do come up, I've learned that it's okay to not have all the answers.  God has given us this beautiful girl and made me her momma.  I know that He is watching out for all three of us and that everything will go as it should.

Which brings me to something I've been thinking about lately.  

"It is what it is...until it's not."

Life is constantly changing for us these days (um hello, new baby).  Most recent is Todd's work schedule.  Right after we had Reese and he started his new semester, he got the most BO$$ schedule he's ever had at the Missionary Training Center.  He worked in the mornings, went to school during the day, came home for dinner, and weekends he was all mine (for the most part anyways-I shared him with his HW).  It was a great schedule, and I got into a routine which involved having him to myself all nights and weekends-"Huzzah!"  Well...because everything was going just as I wanted it to...his schedule changed...Duh!  Long story short, someone at his work quit, so he had to take over that person's schedule.  A.K.A. the suckiest schedule E'ER (or so I thought).  I seriously wanted to hunt that person down and demand a legitimate explanation for terminating his employment.  The day he told me, I picked him up from work after a particularly crazy day, and as soon as the words spilled from his mouth, I started bawling.  Yes folks, roller coaster emotions at their finest.  I was so mad.  We're talking serious rage.  It sounds pretty stupid to be so ticked about a schedule change (which has really not been bad at ALL and has actually been a huge blessing), but being a new mom, I felt like I finally was getting the hang of things and changing things up on me RIGHT after the most recent change (aka Reese) was NO BUENO.  But you learn to deal, and it's actually been the greatest change that ever could have happened to his schedule.  I actually think I get to see Buns more!  

I'm reaching that point that I come to sometimes when I blog where I don't want to finish the post because it's taking too long, so let me wrap this up... 

Moral of the story is that "it is what it is...until it isn't" is the truest, most accurate statement describing life ever.  And I'm going to embrace it.  When life hurtles lemons your direction, make lemonade, because before you know it, it's gonna throw oranges, apples, or poodles instead.

Put your hands together for Reese Barrett:  
(obsessed is an understatement)

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