21 November 2013

Thankful 19 & 20 & 21

Yes that it a whopping three in one day to make up for my missed days!  But I know exactly what I've been thankful for these past few days.  Brace yourselves.  This will be a doozy.  

Thankful 19...

I saw an article circulating the Facebook scene entitled "How (and why) to be the Meanest Mom in the World."  Woah.  Why would I want to read that?  I don't want to be a mean mom!  But this article has me totally convinced it's the best route to go.  Don't let "mean" fool ya.  My mom would probably hate that I'm about to let this be the leeway into my thankful for the 19th...'Cause guess what?  It's my mom!  My very sweet, loving, selfless, "mean" mom.  Are you dying yet?  My mom is probably staring at the computer thinking what on earth?! If you haven't clicked the link for the article yet, get yourself up there and do it stat!  It's an amazing article and so glad I read it.  Being an upcoming momma, I try to get all the ins and outs of the job as I can.  Here's the short list version of the 12 ways to be the meanest mom in the world:

1. Make your kids go to bed at a reasonable time.
2. Don't give your kids dessert everyday.
3. Make them pay for their own stuff.
4. Don't pull strings.
5. Make them do hard things.
6. Give them a watch and an alarm clock.
7. Don't always buy the latest and greatest.
8. Let them feel loss.
9. Control media. 
10. Make them apologize.
11. Mind their manners. 
12. Make them work...for free.

What a mean mom right!  Haha, the article wholeheartedly hit the nail on the head for me though.  For every single way to be the meanest mom in the world, I thought of my own momma.  I thought of how every possible life lesson that these 12 ways has to offer hidden beneath the "meanness" has my mom's name written all over them(do you really want to continue calling it "meanness", 'cause I don't...I like to think of it more as imparting priceless wisdom that you as a child/teeny-bopper/teenager won't recognize until you're 23 and about to be a momma yourself).

My mom was and is a teacher at heart.  She taught us so many things as children and teenagers that molded me into the person that I am today.  And guess what?  The teaching hasn't stopped!  It's changed of course, as she recognizes that I'm older and make my own decisions, figuring things out for myself, BUT I've realized that she will always be my teacher.  The life lessons she taught me will stick with me forever.  She taught me how to live a moral life.  How to live a life of honesty.  She taught me that sometimes life is hard, but you "pick yourself up by your bootstraps and keep trekkin' on"!  

I like to think I have a pretty positive attitude most of the time.  Lord knows I'm not perfect though and trust me, down days and sour faces make themselves at home from time to time, but I like to think I work hard to see the positive and make the most of what I'm dealt.  I have my mom to thank for that.  I remember one time many a times in college, I really struggled to get a hold of my finances.  I made some really spur-of-the-moment, silly, and not-thought-through choices with my money.  One time in particular I really royally messed things up, and I remember calling up my mom in tears.  'Cause that's just who you call when life's tough. 

I went on to tell her about my absolute idiocy, my lack of self-discipline, and the whole "how did I get here" shpeel.  Niagara-fallin' it the whole time.  I'll never forget her response when I was finished.  It was something like this.  
Ashton, you are where you are because of the choices you've made.  It's hard and totally stinks, but that's where you are.  Figure out the lesson you need to learn from this, and do something about.  Have a good cry because everyone needs to have a good cry every now and again, but once you do, put away those tears, pick yourself up by your bootstraps, and make a change!  We're gonna make all sorts of silly mistakes our whole life, but the key is to learn your lesson and do better next time.   
In case you were wondering, that is a sure-fire example of the 5th way to be the meanest mom in the world...Make them do hard things.  The article says, "Don’t automatically step-in and take over when things get hard. Nothing gives your kids a bigger self-confidence boost than sticking to it and accomplishing something difficult."  My mom didn't step-in and fix all my problems, but man oh man did she give me the boost I needed to see that I was in control of my future and choices!  I can honestly say that was a turning point in my life in understanding finances and how to show some self-discipline.

I sure do love that woman.  I've mentioned before that one of the bloggers I follow, Stephanie Nielson, once said that she worked hard to be a good mother.  That reminds me of my mom.  She worked/works hard to be a good mother, and she did it with all the "meanness" (a.k.a. imparting priceless wisdom) and grace you can imagine.  Love her to death and grateful she's mine to call Mom.

Looks like 20 & 21 will have to wait because I'm heading over to watch my man play ball!  But here's a sneak peak:
Thankful 20...painting, crafting, scrap-booking, beautiful things, Christmas decorations, etc, etc...
Thankful 21...a healthy, loving relationship with Buns (yes, I've already posted about this, but there's a different spin on it...kind of)

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