14 November 2013

Thankful 14

Today I'm grateful for the ability to create.  

I love the string of words that come up at the end of the message...

Improve, Beautify, Extend, Smile, Cultivate, and Develop

A lot of times I feel like as women we compare ourselves to other women and their talents...often wishing for those talents instead of appreciating the ones we already have or failing to even see the ones we already have.  I feel like I can say this because I speak from my own experience!  I was reminded of this message from Uchtdorf today about creating, so I tracked it down and had myself a good watch.  And let me tell ya, it rings just as true to me today as it did the first day I saw it.  To be creative doesn't mean you have to be an artist, pianist, D.I.Y.-queen, or the best chef in town.  Creating has everything to do with those six words above.  And they're very personal to each and every one of us.  

Creating opportunities to improve.

Creating a more beautiful world for ourselves and those around us.

Creating opportunities to extend service to those in need.

Finding reasons to smile each day.

Cultivating an attitude of perseverance.

Developing who you are as a daughter of God.

Those are just what came to mind for me in my life.  They may be totally different for you, and that would be fitting because we're all different and have our own set of unique gifts, talents, worries, and struggles.  All I know is that regardless of what your talents are, we all have something to offer and a way to make the world more beautiful around us.  I also know that we all have our own individual and very personal struggles and trials...that they're very different for each person, but guess what?! We all have them!  No one is exempt from trials and hard times, so take heart in that you are not the only one!  

Cheers to creativity in all its forms.  

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