30 October 2013

A New Perspective For Moms

I've been pretty consumed lately with decorating Reese's nursery.  I won't lie...I cringe deep down, every time I walk by the last side of the crib that isn't painted yet.  I break a minor sweat when I think about packing my hospital bag.  I get a little anxious thinking about the cost of diapers.  When I walk by her nursery, I run through a mental checklist of all that needs to be done.  You see...I've realized I have this problem...

Stressing about the unimportant.

Then I came across this lil' ditty and needless to say, I finished it in tears.  

Stressing about the unimportant seems pretty silly now if you ask me.

Thank you Elevation Church for reminding me of all the things I am oh so very elated about.  It looks like this...

Having a little nugget to snuggle whenever I want.  Making forts to house us while we read our favorite books via headlamp.  Celebrating her first birthday with the ever-so-enticing, smash cake.  Going with her to the temple when she turns twelve.  Watching her discover her talents.  Helping her see that she's a daughter of God.  Teaching her how to read and how to write her name.  Seeing her develop a relationship with her daddy.  Getting her all ready for her first dance (except if she's anything like her momma, she'll repel anything closely resembling a prom or homecoming dance of any kind...lol).  Snapping a million candids on her graduation day.  Sending her off to college. HOLD UP. Too soon! Let's shove that on the back burner for another 18 years and not touch it until then...haha. 

What I'm getting at is that even if that cotton-pickin, cruddy-duddy crib never gets painted...it's not what matters!  What matters is spending time with HER.  Loving HER.  Letting HER know every day how special she is.  Letting her know every day that she's capable of great things.

And last but not least, a tribute to the woman who has been my greatest friend, teacher, and motivator.  I love her more than I could ever attempt to describe on a blog.  Just look at her though...I'd like to think I have her smile.  

Love you Momma.


  1. AshBash,

    Loved it.

    Cant wait for your little baby to come.

  2. Yes! Love this. Mom is a great example of just letting go whats NOT important. I sure do love that great woman.


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