16 October 2013

Fall, fall, fall!

I can't believe it's October.  Halloween is in two weeks.  At that point it's another two weeks until our 1 year anniversary.  And THEN only ONE more month until Reese's due date.  I've done that a lot this pregnancy, breaking the future down into checkpoints. Departmentalizing at its finest.   

About this whole 2 weeks, 2 weeks, and 1 month thing...Am I allowed to say that I don't feel ready for that?  Haha, I feel like it's against my motherly responsibility to say that I don't feel like I'm ready.  I wouldn't classify it as stress...I wouldn't classify it as being terrified...It goes right under the category of "I don't know what the fetching heck to expect."  Don't get me wrong, as the date gets closer, I am getting more and more excited...more and more ready for tiny little feets and toes and fingers and bumcheeks and ears and facecheeks, etc... But thank heavens for women in my life who have been around the block a time or two to show me the ropes!

Aside from baby Reese's buns cookin' away, things have been relatively mellow around the Barrett home.  Todd is busy with school, work, and church.  Can I brag on my husband?  He is one of the hardest workers I know.  He works hard to be a good student and teacher.  Any responsibility he's given, he takes it seriously and wants to make a difference.  Sometimes I think he's too hard on himself, but I love how he steps up to the plate when duty calls.  Not only does he get it done on the school and work end, but he nails it as a husband too.  With all the homework he has had the past week, I came home from work one night, and ALL of the dishes were done.  I don't think I ever appreciated how awesome it was of my dad to do the dishes for my mom every once in a while, but now that I'm in my mom shoes, I totally understand!  Side-note: when I say ALL the dishes, I mean ALL the dishes, because there was a TON.  He is the greatest!  It's so fun to be married to my best friend.  It's a party all the time (okay so maybe that's an exaggeration, cause we've both found out just how imperfect we are haha, but it's the best feeling to know that no matter what, we love each other the same!).

Last week was a crazy one for us but mostly for Todd. He had five exams to take, one of his best friend's got married on Friday, and my dad came into town for the weekend!  It was like finals week, except he still had to go to classes and do homework for those classes (come on professors!).  I think Todd would agree though that we were both surprised at how well the week went.  We sat down at the beginning of the week, busted out his handy dandy planner (thanks Hawley!), and planned out the whole week.  Hawley told Todd when she gave him the planner that sometimes when her weeks are super busy, she says a prayer along the lines of, "Heavenly Father, please slow down time this week, so I can get done all that needs to get done."  We planned the week, sent up that prayer, and we made it!  

Lincoln and Chelsea got married in the Salt Lake Temple, and we were so grateful to be a part of their special day.  I love weddings.  So happy!  They were both radiant and just happy as all get out.  It was great.  Todd loved spending the day with all of his buddies growing up.  I have to say I've really come to love those fellas.  He's got a great group of friends who have really been there for him.  Nothing like old friends!

My dad came into town for the BYU homecoming game against Georgia Tech and to hang with his kiddos.  It was a blast!  I love that man.  I have to say there's nothing like having your dad around.  He got to the game at 3pm (it started at 5pm) to soak in the pre-game warm-ups and listen to sport talk on ksl radio.  There's not a man I know that bleeds bluer than my dad.  I love the pride he has for his school.  It reminds me how grateful I am to have gone to BYU.  I love my school.  I grew up so much while I went to that campus.  Heck, I met my main man because of that campus!  Now we're going to be strolling around our first baby girl on that campus to meet dad for lunch or keep him company every once in a while.  Weird! 

I haven't posted something I've learned about the Savior in a while (surprise, surprise on not following through haha), so here's a quote from LDS General Conference that I've been thinking about a lot. "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith."  President Uchtdorf shared that thought in his talk, "Come, Join With Us" on the Saturday morning session of conference.  He continued after by saying, "We must never allow doubt to hold us prisoner and keep us from the divine love, peace, and gifts that come through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."  There couldn't be a better way to describe what doubts can do to you...they hold you prisoner.  They prevent you from becoming what Heavenly Father knows you can become.  They blind you from seeing your full potential and the potential of others.  But as sure as the bills come each month (ha)...they come.  I don't think anyone is exempt from doubts.  But just because they come, it doesn't mean you have to let them take hold of you!  Remember your faith, remember what's brought you to where you are now, remember how far you've come!

Cheers to moving forward. XOXO

**Enjoy these pictures from October, including some snaps from Buns himself.  The first one is Reese at 30 weeks when we went up to General Conference.     



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  1. Love it Ash. You are such a talented writer. You are going to be such an amazing Mama! We learn as we go. Watching you with our nieces and nephews gives me the chills. You just have that special energy that kids love and need. Ohhhhhh seriously... having Rio and Reese grow up together is going to be magical.


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