23 September 2013

Make the Most of Monday: Psalm 118:24

This morning I did not want to get out of bed because I felt like I had so much on my plate.  Denial is the best approach, yes? Haha, unfortunately I knew denial wouldn't go over so well today, so I hopped slugged out of bed and got myself over to the office for work.  At work now, things have slowed down quite a bit, so I get a lot of time to read.  I've been trying to use that time to do my scripture study.  With the first day of fall upon me (finally!!!!), I've been getting so excited about all things fall and all things Thanksgiving.  With Reese on her way in December though, I'm not going to lie, Thanksgiving is already being looked over! I thought about how much I love the Christmas season, Thanksgiving included.  It's just a happy, happy season, so full of love! I'm on cloud 9 during the holidays.  I wondered how I could better prepare for the holiday season this year though...I really want my focus to be on the Savior and others.  Cause let's be real...the holidays can also usher in a lot of selfishness, self-centered attitudes, and stress.  I want to avoid all things STRESS this season.  Then I came across this verse...PSALM 118:24.  I want to have this attitude everyday!  Everyday is a day sent from God.  Everyday has its purpose, and I want to find joy in the day to day (even Mondays that totally start off stressful!).  I've always wanted to spend the holiday season studying the life of the Savior, but I've never actually gotten around to it.  Something comes up, I forget, and before I know it Christmas has come and gone, and I feel like I've barely thought about my Savior at all!  So here's me committing on social media to learn more about my Savior starting now!  Mondays I'll really try (I've learned to never make promises on blogs because I almost always fail to follow through haha) to post something I'm studying or learning about the Savior.

Cheers to Manic Mondays!

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  1. Oh Ash, I LOVE this scripture. What a wonderful thought to start each day.


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