03 April 2013

Festival of Colors...check!

I think going to this festival symbolized for us that we can still be spontaneous, wild, and careless young-ins! But let's be real...we went, "hare-krishna"ed, battered each other with bright-colored corn starch, enjoyed that beautiful sunshine, but decided it will probably be our first and last festival of colors...haha so much for spontaneous, wild, and careless! At the end of a long week of school, student teaching, and work, we mostly look forward to our cuddle sessions with a large bowl of ice cream and Jack Bauer who Entertainment Weekly dubbed #1 on their list of "TV's toughest men".  Yes...that knowledge is a round-about confession of our obsession. 

"Make sure you marry someone who laughs at the same things you do." J.D. Salinger

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