07 April 2013

Believe it or not, this was an accidental snapshot en route to getting a perfectly-posed smiling snapshot, but I like this one better. We were at the elementary school down the street tossing a pigskin in between conference sessions. 

Conference weekend couldn't have been better.  Great talks, great men (general authorities and Buns), and great food.  I discovered this weekend, as I was listening to the healing, happy, and hopeful words of the leaders of our church, the exact reasons why I am so happy. Buns and I are truly blessed. I certainly wouldn't categorize our life as hard, but it's not all peaches and cream either.  Right now we're juggling school, work, finances, and being newlyweds. We struggle with a lot of the same trials I'm sure that other newlyweds face. We are not only the Barretts, but we are Ashton and Todd.  We are individuals, each a daughter and son of our Father in Heaven, who comes with our own sets of strengths and weaknesses. We are both so very aware of that.  We know that we're not perfect, and we know we're not exempt from hard things.  Knowing that though, WHY AREN'T WE UNHAPPY?  If we are so painstakingly aware of our shortcomings and the ever so present challenges that come our way, why aren't we sulking, depressed, or overwhelmed? (Who am I kidding, sometimes we are definitely overwhelmed! lol) We have our moments, but we pillow-talked this weekend about life as husband and wife, and  we came to the same unanimous conclusion...we are so happy! And that was even after discussing finances! Haha.  

So back to the why and the how...how can we be so happy?  Let me tell you what's up...

We have faith in a Heavenly Father who we know loves us unconditionally and wants what's best for us! We know He has a plan for us! He has a plan for Ashton, for Todd, AND the Barretts! We know He sent His son to teach us, save us, befriend us, love us, and serve us! (**Exclamation points followed everything in this paragraph because it is great news!) 

This is why we are happy so immensely stocked-up on joy that it's seeping from our pores.  I know my Savior lives.  He has big plans for all of His children if only we would let Him in! If you want to know more click here and explore.

Happy Sunday Y'all. 

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