16 December 2012

We just finished finals week. A long, grueling finals week.  Todd's last exam was Friday.  Went in at two, came out at 7. Yeah, we're stoked to DONE.  We celebrated by going to Olive Garden!  It was an hour and a half wait, but we knew it'd be worth it, so we shimmied over to the mall in the meantime to do some Christmas shopping.  It was a madhouse!  I've never seen so many people at the mall!  Cuuuhrazy.  Then we got back to Olive Garden and stuffed ourselves with the salad and breadsticks, so when we finally got our meals we could only eat about half (holla at your leftovers).  Sooooo good.  This weekend was surreal for us...we kept gawking at all the free time we had.  It was weird but totally awesome to not have any homework to do or tests to find time to study for.  

We went up to chill at Meg's on Saturday, a little Christmas get-together before we go to TN, and they go to WA.  The entire time, I was so antsy and excited because I had a little somethin somethin up my sleeve:)  That night the Jazz just happened to be playing the Grizzlies, and I just happened to have tickets for the two of us...Merry Christmas babe!  We have been dying to go to a game together, saying how fun it would be, and so when I found out the Grizz were coming to UT, it was a done deal.  It was so hard to keep it a secret for so long, but also really fun!  A few days before the game, Todd actually brought up that he thought the Jazz were playing the Grizzlies in TN, and we should watch the game on TV.  I played it cool, and went along with it.  I'm so suave.  Baha.  I'm shocked I didn't give away the surprise, I was seriously DYING with that type of surprise up my sleeve.  

When the time came to head out for the game, Gabe said she NEEDED us to run out and get this really yummy, gluten-free ice cream for after dinner.  So of course, we all jumped in the car and headed to go get this have-to-have gluten-free ice cream.  When we got closer to the arena, traffic was super bad, and I couldn't keep it in anymore.  "Sooo...we're actually going to the Jazz game."  Hunter started to get out of the car mid-bumper-to-bumper traffic to take the wheel (they were dropping us off), and Todd's reaction was priceless.  Absolutely speechless.  And then we ran.  We ran about 5 blocks to get to the game.  We were like little kids, super stoked about getting to the game to see two of our favorite teams play!  It was a great game...Grizz won:)  And we had such a good time, hanging out, enjoying the fact that SCHOOL WAS OVER, and we could watch the game without a care in the world (okay so maybe not so true but atleast we didn't have to worry about school at the moment).

Hope y'all are having a great holiday season!  What a great time of the year.  Oh sweet merciful, it's wonderful.  I'm such a sap when it comes to Christmas time.  

Prayers go out to the families in Connecticut who are suffering from the recent tragedy.  As horrible and painful as it must be though, how comforting it is to know that their Savior was there to embrace them and comfort them on the other side.  May we follow the example of our Savior, and wrap our arms around those who are suffering, especially at this time of year.

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