19 September 2012

In the library, busting out some serious catch-up on a class that I found out I had to add in order to graduate.  Yeah...how'd I miss that one?  No idea.  But it must be done, and in order to take the class, he said I have to catch up on 3 weeks worth of work by tomorrow night at midnight.  Here I go!  My professor was super helpful and sweet about the whole thing, I just hope that I can get it done by then!
I'm giving myself mental breaks throughout the process though, and I just finished an Alicia Keys break.  So excited for her new CD to come out at the end of November.

For some reason I can't post her music videos straight to my blog right now. It's annoying, so here are the links:)

"New Day"
"Not Even The King"

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  1. I have this reoccurring nightmare that I walk into calculus in high school only to remember not taking that class at all or doing any homework halfway through the semester. Gives me stress kind of like those dreams I have where Jeff tells me I need to get into the airplane and fly it, despite my protests that I don't know how to fly. Lol!


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