05 September 2012

{finally getting up the pics from califawnyuh. we had such a wonderful weekend with todd's sister heidi and her family.  couldn't have asked for a better vaca before kicking off the fall semester.  it was so nice of them to let us crash at thier place for the weekend!  we got to soak up the sun a couple of days at the beach, shop at the outlets, ride space mountain, indiana jones, pirates, and peter pan (just some of my favorites), see an amazing fireworks show, watch the disney parade with all the disney princesses, play MD, laugh/chat it up with ben and heidi, chow down on the best veggie fajita known to man (i still have dreams about that thing...i'm salivating as we speak), get a massage (hilarious to see todd in that atmosphere), and hit up a local fish & chips joint.  todd and i had a wonderful time. lots of memories made.  the ride home to ptown was a little bittersweet to say the least.}

and yes, todd is a baldy...
(as seen in baywatch/YOLO photo* below)
...his girlfriend got a lil loosy-goosy with the clippers and might have accidently thought she could trim an uneven buzzcut with the straight razor...whoops!

baywatch/YOLO photo* (pictured above)

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