19 August 2012

One of the many reasons I am a very happy girl: Todd.

I had a pretty wonderful Sunday. There's nothing like church on Sunday. I love being able to go worship freely and share a love of Christ with others.  It's a community like none other.  

Paige and Hunter get into town this Tuesday.  I couldn't be more excited!! And then my parents come to visit a week or so later! It was my first summer away from home, and even though it's been a great summer here in UT, I'd be lyin through my teeth if I said it wasn't hard to be away from my family.  So I'm excited for them to be out here with me for school!

On Wednesday Todd and I head to Cali to visit his sister for a last HOORAH before school starts. I'm so excited! I love a good road-trip.  We've planned out the entire trip...playlists, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, disneyland, the beach, and L.A.  Let's be real though...what am I most excited about?...THE BEACH.  When Todd told me that, I about burst into tears. Very, very happy tears.  I LOVE THE BEACH.  Anyone who knows me at all knows that I'm a bit of a sun worshiper, but more than anything that I love my down time at the beach.  Set me up with some books, magazines, cooler, ipod, tanning oil, and I could sit there all day.  The only thing that could make it perfect would be my momma and/or my entire family.  So many fun memories of my family at the beach.  

I don't know if I'll be able to get to sleep just thinking about it:)

"Life is not just to be endured but to be enjoyed." 
{Gordon B. Hinckley}

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  1. Lol, I was wondering when you would post about your boyfriend;) So fun Ash! Sounds like a great trip! Love you! Can't wait to meet him this fall.


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