29 August 2012

Day 3: Your first love.

Day 3: Your first love.

Remember when I was doing a 30-day blogging challenge?  To say I'm behind the 8-ball is an understatement.  And I won't lie...the lack of follow-through can be attributed to the fact that I'm not so concerned about my first love these days.  At first I wanted to get it out of the way so that I can talk about the next "challenge" which is...YOUR PARENTS. And MINE ARE COMING INTO TOWN TONIGHT! I haven't seen my parents in what feels like forever.  It's been the longest that I've been away from home...8 months.  Crazy.  So needless to say, I AM SO EXCITED.  Sweet MERCIFUL, I love my parents.  Truly love my parents.  This is not a joke...not trying to butter them up in the slightest.  I LOVE MY PARENTS.  Todd can tell you all about it...I practically broke down into hysterical sobs on our way back from Disneyland I was so excited to see them.  He's a trooper and handled it very well haha.  I was an absolute hot mess, snot everywhere, mascara running down my faceneck splotchy as all-get-out.  I was crying, laughing, smiling, and screaming for joy all at once.  All the while, cars were passing us on the highway because he had to slow down in order to give me as much eye contact as possible and hold my hand.  He laughed and replied, "Well aren't you just a gem."  Yes, he calls me a gem, and even though I roll my eyes when he spits that ridiculous game, I secretly never want it to stop.

So yeah...I'm just a little excited to see the rentals.

But here's the gist on my first love...it all started on the first day of 6th grade, right outside of Mr. Garbini's 1st period science class, right next to my locker.  I wouldn't bother to tell you what I was wearing, but I feel obligated to disclose that information because it's just hysterical.  I was wearing the latest American Eagle graphic tee paired with a snazzy set of overalls, and don't forget the timeless "pooka-shell" choker.  OH OH OH...and the blue mascara and Smackers roll-on lip balm.  My hair was also fashioned in the latest style...slick back pony tail with two long pieces of hair framing the sides of my face...NAPPY DAYS.  All I can say is that I was struttin those hallways liked I owned the place.  Sweet merciful...why were overalls and blue mascara ever "IN"? 

I had just a couple minutes to make it to  Mr. Garbini's class.  I was probably going to be late because I was daydreaming about the next summer already, and it was only the first day.  That wasn't the only thing I was daydreaming about though...Ever since second grade, I had this on-and-off crush on the dreamy Colin Halligan.  He was blonde, blue-eyed, tan, and athletic.  What more did you need?  In my 6th-grade mind...absolutely nothing.  Oh yeah...he was the ONE y'all.  Right in the middle of this daydreaming sesh, I was interrupted, and I'd never been happier.  Colin Halligan stopped abruptly at my locker, told me he liked me, and ran off.  (Just in case you're wondering...this wasn't exactly divine intervention...I had been dropping hints subtle as a gun throughout the whole summer at Smoketree Pool.)  

I shut my locker and practically flew into Mr. Garbini's science class.  Cloud 9, baby.  I sat down, opened my textbook, and rested my chin on my wrist, gazing off into the distance.  Science was the last thing on my mind, and Mr. Garbini seemed to notice.  He called on me to read from the textbook (lame)...I swear to this day though that he was calling me by the wrong name or speaking spanish because until my BFFaeae, Brooke Moseley, kicked me under the desk, I didn't have a CLUE what was going on.  After I read from the book about the solar system, I went back to daydreaming...

Will he ask me to the Back-to-School dance?...Do I say hi when we pass in the hallway or play it cool?...Wait until I tell me girlfriends at lunch!...How many kids will we have?

Good gosh...embarrassment at it's finest. But there it is y'all...my first love.  

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