07 July 2012

Day 1

eh change of plans...i am doing the 30-day blogging challenge!! what the heck!? haha. it just may not be in 30 days...nbd. so here goes!:)

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 
15 interesting facts.

auntie ash & rio

1.  I went to four different high schools.
2.  I've lived in four different states...VA, NY, TN, and UT.
3.  When I'm stressed, I listen to Beyonce.
4.  I am obsessed with Miranda Lambert.
5.  I'm a vegetarian.
6.  I'm momma and daddy's girl.
7.  I cant stand long fingernails unless they're fake.
8.  I love painting my fingernails. It's an obsession.
9.  I still get homesick, and I'm 22.
10. I can't stand it when people don't say please and thank you.
11. My guilty pleasure is One Tree Hill.
12. Listening to music and shooting hoops calms me down.
13. I'm a Latter-day Saint and proud of it.
14. I will waste lots of gas money on driving in the car, listening to music, thanking God for all He's given me.
15. I escape up the canyon and find a new spot at least once a week.

those are probably lame interesting facts, but they came quickest so there they are!:)

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