04 July 2012

30-day blogging challenge? what the heck was i thinking?? haha..when will i learn that i cant follow a set schedule of much of anything, let alone a blog that i unfortunately let fall by the wayside more often than not! great idea and i love following the blogs of people who do them, but as for me, you will not be following a 30-day blogging challenge via ashbash.

so many things i want to say right now. so many things im grateful for. but today...it's my body.  i am grateful that i have been given a body to enjoy life in.  a body that makes me a woman.  i love my curves.  i love the skin im in.  i dont know if i was always as confident with it as i am now, but i can sit here and tell you wholeheartedly that I LOVE MY BODY.  God has given me a body to run, exercise, serve others, laugh, eat, swim, play basketball, sing, and just straight up express myself.  i love being active.  i love getting out in nature, walking, hiking, biking, using my body for it all!  i love my body and all its imperfections.  i truly think the imperfections are what make our bodies so beautiful.  it is what makes us unique and who we are.  there is beauty in imperfection.  i have been working on this "i am beautiful" program gradually throughout the summer.  i'll be going to a youth detention center to meet with a couple groups of girls each week (ages 12-18) to talk about how we view our bodies, how we can appreciate them, and how we can take care of them.  talking about what true beauty is.  beauty comes from within.  i know that.  i came to learn that because i know i am a daughter of God.  i know that He created just how i am.  He loves me no matter what i look like on the outside.  He cares about the inside.  having said that though, i truly believe that once we come to an understanding of how beautiful we are simply because we are daughters of God, the outside will radiate that beauty from within.  i know that to be true.  i have seen it firsthand.  i want to share this message in so many words with the girls at the detention center.  the program stems from the program at BYU "i am beautiful."  ive felt strongly about doing it at the center for probably five months now and am finally ready to share it with these girls.  i pray that these girls come to understand what true beauty is.  i pray that i say what needs to be said and that God is with me because heavens knows i couldnt do it by myself!

if you are struggling with your imperfections, your body image, or what others think of you...i challenge you to close your eyes and FEEL what God sees in you.  if you dont FEEL your worth, THAT is where you need to start...NOT the numbers you see on a scale or the imperfections you think you see in the mirror.  you are beautiful because you are a daughter of God.  find that beauty.  come to know yourself as a daughter of God.  if you dont know where to start, start on your knees.  ask God to help you see yourself as He sees you.  just like anything, it takes practice, but be patient, and it'll happen.

"love yourself. be proud of who you are and the skin you're in.  you are beautiful." i am beautiful program 2012


  1. Love this Ashton! Let me know how it goes!

  2. I love this Ashton! You are a great inspiration to me! I love you! You truly are absolutely beautiful!


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