17 March 2012

totally forgot about this song until it came up on pandora.
beautiful song.
finished my first whole week student teaching in SLC.
i knew it would be a huge learning experience,
but i certainly didn't expect to learn the things i've been learning.
haha, i should know by now that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

mys/ter/i/ous: adj.--difficult or impossible to understand, explain, or identify.

& i'm grateful for that.
keeps things interesting.
keeps me on my toes.
and i can honestly say i wouldn't have it any other way.

story of the week: i went to "maturation" on friday with my sixth grade girls. yes this is where a nurse comes to talk about that time of the month & all it entails. happy happy joy joy. i was praying the girls would be more mature about it than their 22 year-old student teacher wanted to be) the boys went to the gym, the girls to the library. i dropped the boys off first. they all filed in the gym. i said to behave and be the mature boys i knew they could be (fast forward 20 minutes later to their teacher, Miss D, giggling like the rest of the 6th grade girls when the nurse starts talking about what boys their age are going through...do as i say, not as i do. good thing i was sitting in the very back so the girls didn't discover that they were more mature than their teach...YIKES). before i turned to start back to the library for what would be an hour-long flood of my own 6th grade memories (haha yeah...good times), one of my boys stalled at the end of the line going in to the gym. he looked up me with big, terrified, brown eyes and a face redder than a ripe tomato. "Miss D...you're not coming to maturation are you?" bless his worried soul. haha, i gave him a wink and assured him that seeing as i was a girl, i would definitely be with the girls. the relief that flooded his face was so painstakingly obvious, i couldn't help but suppress a giggle (first giggle of a whole lot to come). i made him promise to set a good example. he obliged. come to find out he kept that promise...but the rest of the boys didn't follow suit haha. we had some boys walking laps during recess later that day for sure. truth of the matter is that i should've been doing some laps of my own...YIKES.

Boys & girls, is the following math sentence, true or false?
Miss D's maturity level > 6th graders' maturity level
Yes *Sarah* you are correct, it is...

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