02 February 2012

i love this man!
i've been thinking about him a lot lately.
today in particular i was listening to martina mcbride's "i'm gonna love you through it,"
& even though it's about a husband and wife,
i thought about my dad.
& tears were fallin like alicia keys.

"when you’re weak, i’ll be strong.
when you let go, i’ll hold on.
when you need to cry, i swear that i’ll be there to dry your eyes.
when you feel lost and scared to death,
like you can’t take one more step,
just take my hand, together we can do it.
i’m gonna love you through it."

i was reminded of a really hard time i was having my sophomore year here at byu and i was talking to my mom on the phone...she passed it to my dad to say a quick hello. he obviously knew i was having a rough time as i was bawling hysterically to his wife, my mother haha. HE SAID, "all you have to do is get on your knees, pray, and do what you're supposed to, everything will fall into place." short, sweet, and to the point. i remember that night in particular, it was just what i needed to hear. so simple but JUST what i needed to hear. because when it comes down to it, it really is simple. have some faith ashton. it's all gonna fall into place.

love you dad.

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