29 January 2012

home away from home

meet noah and grace.

the 2 sweetheart punks i nanny for.

i cannot express how much i love these kids.

they are some spirited, talented, strong, amazing kids with BIG hearts.

noah just got back from a trip to colorado for the x-games.

i didn't realize how much i missed him!

he came in and told me all about the tabletops, 720s, reverse flips, cradles, etc...

i didn't know what the heck he was talking about half the time,

but i didn't care in the slightest haha.

i just loved seeing him get so excited about his skiing!

then he asked how my weekend was.

such a thoughtful boy.

he's growing up to be one great dude.

these 2 are probably the biggest tender mercies the Lord could have ever sent me!

my job stopped being a job so long ago i can't even remember the transformation.

love me some grace and noah.

very grateful tonight for my sweet, wonderful provo family.

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