01 December 2011

deck harold.

it is 10:28.

not feeling great.

just got to the library.

def not my sanctuary.

lots to do now.

boy is having a cow.

class tomorrow at 8.

wish i didn't procrastinate.

girl next to me.

listenin to j.b.

i want her to share.

she prolly won't care.

staring at my homework.

mr. jeff is such a jerk.

wanna watch step up 2.

man this place's a zoo.

freaking hot up in hur.

fan is way over thur.

dont want this poem to end.

means i gotta go tend...

to my hw.

cheers to the girl next to me who wants to share her j.b.


  1. Brilliant :)

    Hang in there.. 2 more weeks until you will be chilling by the christmas tree listening to JB in good ole TN.

  2. i KNEW rhyming ran in the family haha.
    LOVE y'ALL.


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