20 November 2011


{sunday edition}

  1. construction paper. who would have thought that was all you needed to keep 23 second graders happily busy for an hour making grateful turkeys and all you needed to keep a 21 year old student teacher sane.

  2. banana-grams & a sister. another dose of sanity.

  3. facebook chat. tonight it was the love part of our love/hate relationship.

  4. hometeachers & a message. read this if you need to reminded that you are not alone.

  5. snail mail.

  6. a little boy named yohary who without fail hugs his teacher everyday.

  7. a momma who always knows just what to say.

  8. high heels. it wasn't until i couldn't wear them that i realized how much i love them. it's sad. i am actually going through withdrawals. first order of business in physical therapy...inform physical therapist that if he holds a pair of heels in front of my face throughout therapy, i will salivate and do exactly as he/she demands. not an acl, meniscus, or lateral tendent tear will keep me from my heels.

  9. a cuddly dog named milo.

  10. thanksgiving break is in 2 days!

the end. xo. happy sunday.

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