13 November 2011

as of late...

1. my stud of a brother, hunter, won STATE RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP 2011!!! congrats to a guy who doesn't only showcase what he's got on the field but off of it as well...he is one amazing kid and i'm grateful to be his sister and learn from his example. miss you like crazy hunster munster.

2. yesterday was our last drizzy intramural co-ed basketball game. during the game, there was another fan watching the game and she was cheering for the other team. we struck up such a nice conversation. we talked throughout most of the game, cheering crazily for each of our teams. she was an older woman from highland, ut coming to cheer on her 2 twin nieces and then take them out for birthday breakfast. she was so easy to talk to and just really down-to-earth. we were laughing, laughing, and laughing. it was such a cool experience. i left the game, looked back on it, and was like wow. i want to be that kind of woman! that kind of person. she just had SOUL. she was smiling from the inside, out. she laughed a good, hearty laugh. she didn't hold anything back. she cheered for our team. she asked about my knee, my life. i told her some. she smiled, laughed, and listened at all the right times. usually in these situations, the conversation may be a little forced, a stressed smile here or there, but it was such a refreshing convo. it felt like she was MY aunt! i just love running into people like that. a little tender mercy from above. we hugged after the game. she looked me in the eyes and told me i hope everything works out for ya hon. i smiled and said, me too ma'am...me too. i walked away thinking to myself, oh but it most certainly will. it won't be easy all the time, but it will most certainly all work out in the end. good things to come.

3. i had a wonderful dinner with the allens tonight. i'm just really grateful to be living in a home with a family.

4. who says being older means you always have the answers? cause it's just not true. and thank the high heavens for that. sometimes a younger sister is just what you need.

5. i've decided at whatever cost, i am taking piano lessons.

6. "let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." (1 tim 4:12)

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  1. You are that person! You are so kind and make everyone feel comfortable right off. Just love ya Ash!!


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