16 September 2011

drizzys are here y'all.

calling all drizzys

i just found out that you can make your blog into a book! that makes me way more motivated to update this thing on the happenings of my life 'cause i can make it into a book, kind of like blog journal...it'd be something great to look back on! i'm way excited and y'all will be hearing much more of what's going on in my day to day. here we go!

today i am sore as can be. we're talking entire body in shock. hurting in places i didn't know could hurt. wanna know why?

byu intramurals.

ladies and gentlemen this semester is all about the intramurals. forget academics. (alright don't forget 'em...believe it or not all these intramurals are helping my schooling because i make CERTAIN to get everything done early so that when we have games and can be sure i can go! haha) i am on a total of FOUR intramural teams. and i've never been so happy about (with the exception of today, seeing as how my bum is tender as can be).

#1. co-ed basketball
#2. flag football
#3. soccer
#4. volleyball

we're on FIRE with volleyball thanks to a few division one volleyball players who hopped on board plus a FABULOUS setter! and of course the rest of us who cheer the team on, showing support and STAYING OUT OF THE WAY;) haha! i LOVE playing on these teams with a group of great girls who i love so freaking much. we have a blast and even if we get intense sometimes and go for blood, we have a blast, laughing all the way. tonight we have back to back games, volleyball and then co-ed basketball. and let's be real. i'm SO stoked for basketball, it's our first game of the intramural season! anyone who knows me knows that i eat, drink, and breathe the sport. good gosh, it's the little things, RIGHT?

loving life right now. grateful for the people who make it a journey i'm glad to take, for the good and the bad. if you're in my life, know that i love you. friends and family alike. sweet merciful words can't express.

now if ya'll will excuse me i've got a vball and bball throwdown to get ready for:)

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