13 August 2011

"you can have roots and wings mel."

best thing i've heard all week. thanks random movie channel for running one of my favorite flicks i forgot about, sweet home alabama.

some things i'm extremely grateful for today:
#1. peace of mind
#2. hinckley's sweet demeanor, ben's hugs, and leah's spunk.
#3. my momma...and being reminded why i love talking to her so much.
#4. blue coast burritos and the drive home
#5. technology
#6. my savior and for <this>; knowledge.
#7. pillow talk with hunsta munsta, honey boo bear, honey bunches of oats.
#8. laughing with paige
#9. a brother on a mission & his ever-growing testimony
#10. that everything is for but a season

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