21 June 2011

when it's all said & done, will you have said more than you've done?

ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, friend & foe, come one come all. today i have nothing more to say other than i am just about as happy as can be. it's simple as that folks. i am alive & well. healthy. i have a family who(whom?) i adore and for whatever reason, only heaven knows, they love me too. i work. and i love it. i work with amazing people. i get to work with my sister and brother, seeing them working hard and being great examples. i love them more and more every day. i am learning so much about them and am grateful i get an eternity with them, so the learning never stops. i have a resounding peace in my life because of my Savior. He's the root of all good things in my life. He's the reason i get through the "rough stuff". i put quotations around that bad boy because let's be real...i've got it easy compared to the trials that some people have gone through and will go through in their lives. i admire them. i pray i have HALF the courage and strength they do. i love life. yes, roll your eyes, heave a heavy sigh, shake your head at this naive girl. haha i can't help but giggle at myself saying it, but dang it all I LOVE LIFE. i just wanna throw my hands in the air like i just don't care and yell it from the rooftops. smiling from ear to ear. and lemme tell y'all...nothing special going on up hur in TN haha...just your typical every day, but good gosh i'm lovin every minute of it.

special shout out to my parents today. for all their laughter, help, and love.

cheers to tomorrow!

"stop seeking out the storms, and enjoy more fully the sunlight."
(gordon b. hinckley)

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