12 January 2011

birthday bashes all around.

{birthday blogs}
i'm hopelessly bad at that aspect of blogging.
i always feel a blog does NO justice to the amazing people they really are, so i always put off birthday blogging until i can commit to showing them the love. silly i know.

first & foremost there's my awesome older sister court.
(this one is so belated it's embarrassing but in any case...)
happy belated birthday court!
i love & look up to you so much!

{reasons i love her}
she has incredible patience, even if she doesn't believe it
she is one of the most self-disciplined women i know
when faced with adversity, she takes the bull by the horns
she is always looking to learn
she understands the monopoly deal phenomena /obsession
she is extremely handy & creative
she such a strong testimony
because of her & my own momma i know what it means to be a good mother

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  1. Oh my goodness. Thanks Ash. I love you too. You have seriously made my year!


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