15 December 2010

good life.

"when you're happy like a fool, let it take you over."
well said, one republic.

i have so much to be thankful for. usually it takes something pretty stupid like that i have too much dirty laundry for my own good, that i don't talk to my grandma as much as I'd like, that I've been a horrible snail mail correspondent, that I'm not as patient as I want to be, or that I should've done that final self-portrait drawing way earlier than the night before. After beating myself up for a while about these things, i always end at the same conclusion...i got too freaking undeservingly(is that even a word?) lucky. i take it for granted. i can't take it for granted anymore. i have to do something with the opportunities right in front of my face. they are too great for me to pass up. today is the start of my new tomorrows...no more wish-i-coulda-shoulda-wouda yesterdays.

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