25 October 2010

this is for you toddy.

belated shout out to my lil bro.
he's the bomb.
& he just turned 19.
he just put his papers in for his mission.
i can't believe it because he's my little brother.
in my eyes...
he's the kid who i played pretend with.
he's the kid who just shattered the back window with a ice/snowball.
he's the kid who asked advice about his first crush.
he's the kid i'd boss around.
he just got out of middle school.
he just went on his first date.
he just got his license.
he likes rubix cubes.

but he's also the bro i love so freakin much who's got so much going for him.
he's the bro i play nintendo with.
he's the bro who i go to advice for now.
he's the bro who is in college....that's right college.
he's the bro who's got a plan.

I love love love this boy.
never change todd.

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  1. Holy Smokes! Mission papers!! Let us know where he's off too... soooooo exciting. Love ya!


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