31 October 2010

"nobody can take something away from you you don't give them."
(glory road)

i just finished watching glory road. one of my top 5. i realized most of my top 5 are sports flicks. you know why? they're inspiring. they send that message that if you really want something, whether it's a high school football state championship, a NCAA national title, or a college education with a side of an Ol' Miss athletic scholarship...if you work your butt off to get there, learning how to work as a unit-as a family-in the process...you can get it done. it teaches you to put faith where reality just doesn't seem like it's gonna cut it. teaches you teamwork. teaches you what a family really is. family in the nontraditional sense. teaches you compassion. shows you how people should really be treated. shows you that everyone deserves nothing less than faith. everyone deserves someone who believes in them. everyone deserves a team...a family. someone to tell you it's all gonna be okay. someone to push you through the hard times...even better someone who laughs you through the those times. someone who's gonna tell you you're blowing it, but does it with a smile and big heart.

boy i love my families.

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