15 August 2010

{here is a very important catch up from my lapse of blogging...}

happy belated birthday meg!
this awesome sister celebrated her day of birth august 4th.
what can you say about meg? where to start...
1. talk about a naturally gorgeous woman. for real.
2. healthy as all get-out. i admire and look to her so much for that.
3. athletic athletic athletic. we're talkin' insanely talented.
4. when this girl puts her mind to something she gets it done. dedication is all i have to say about that.
5. loyalty. she is so loyal to her family. family comes first for her. she loves us so much and never fails to remind us how much!
6. animal lover. she has such a respect for animals and fights for their rights. she stands for what she believes in.
7. totally supportive of any goals, dreams, and aspirations i may have that week. lol, but seriously...anything i aspire to accomplish, i know i can share it with her. she is one of the greatest listeners i know & she's my sister! so whether she likes it or not, she's gonna be listening to me forever!

basically this list could go on forever. i love this chick. she has been such an influencial person in my life and i thank my heavenly father everyday that i was lucky enough to have such an amazing big sister!

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