10 July 2010

i want a dog.

(meet charlie. my pal from work.)

how can you resist this face?
i am one of those must-love dogs kinda girls.
it's on that random list of things you have that your man must have.
don't like dogs? might, maybe, possibly, if-it's-already-potty-trained kinda deal? allergic?
not gonna work out. might as well move on.
if i could have every type of dog there is-all kinds, all shapes, all sizes-in a realistic manner (as in if i had a trillion million bucks for all the dog's needs plus workers to help to look after them, 5-10 acres of land {which i really do plan on having someday}, and a life's supply of iams and dog toys)....i would.
im a sucker for a face like the one above.
i want my children to grow up with a dog.
i want a dog to run with.
i want a dog to love on.
i want a dog to teach tricks to even if i get frustrated because they never learn, confuse sit with stay, jump when i say not to and ultimately will always be a non-obedient dog...this could possibly be because im a sucker for those big ol puppy eyes & always want to let them jump and love on me anyways. whoops.
i want a dog to pet while im reading.
i want a dog to lay on the porch, soaking up the sun, watching over the house.
i want my children to always have the loyal companion.
i want my children to learn how to love on & teach tricks to our dog...corrections dogs. plural.
but other than all these reasons that are completely and totally for my benefit...
i really want to rescue dogs.
there are so many dogs out there that never get a chance for a good home.
so many dogs get ditched by people everywhere for sometimes as lame a reason as "im moving and i just dont want to bring that dog with me". sometimes people do have legit reasons and in that case i hope that they find loving homes for those dogs.

so then all this dog talk got me thinking...daydreaming more like it.
i pictured myself in 10+ years.
i know this can be a very dangerous thing.
because life throws all sort of twists and turns your direction and man...stuff happens.
BUT then i thought...im going to dream about whatever the heck i want to.
theyre my dreams.
i can do with them what i please.
plus....its so fun.
so here we go...ashton's dreams in so many words.

id like to live on lots of land.
id like a country home...a cabin would be really dreamworthy.
id like a home that needs some work.
id have no problem with a long, gravel driveway.
id like to have a wrap around porch with a swing.
id like to live in a place where when i sit in that swing at night, i hear nothing but crickets.
id like my dogs to sit at my feet when im on that swing.
id like my children to be inside curled up sound asleep...or pretending like they're asleep, laughing and giggling with each other.
id like to be surrounded by my neighbors that have become good, comfortable friends.
id like to call them over from down the street to play cards and have porch-chat.
id like to have an open-door policy.
id like to have chickens. the kind of chickens that are friends.
id like to learn how to grow a garden. i want to grow my own zucchini.

so that's what i have for now.
i can make that happen right?
haha...we'll see what's in store for me.
but if i have any say in it, which i think i most certainly do, 110% of that list is happening.
no doubt.

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