12 July 2010

i took a trip down memory lane today.
i was reading this blog.
her little girl came crawling into bed with her & her hubby.
she had nightmares about titanic.
i used to crawl into my parents bed at night when i was scared.
we all used to crawl into our parents bed at night when we were scared.
one of us would squeeze in between my parents.
one of us would lie at the bottom of the bed (if my dad allowed it).
& once the bed was full...
two of us would end up on the floor,
in a sleeping bag on either side of my parents bed.
my parents would wake up, get out of bed, & step on a child or two...
not knowing that we had all snuck in at different points in the night.
for me it was nightmares.
id wake up scared to death, knowing it was a dream, but who cared?! not me!
i was down that hall in a flash.
id grab my blanket and rush into their room.
i might say something in my pitiful, 'im-your-baby-you-better-take-care-of-me-and-get-rid-of-the-bad-dreams' voice...
but most of the time i didn't have to say anything.
as soon as i creeped in, mom's eyes would suddenly open (it's a really scary gift she has...maybe all mothers have it & i'll inherit it someday).
she'd say "scary dream?"
i'd mutter a noise of some sort that was supposed to resemble something along the lines of "yes."
then she'd lift the covers up for me to climb in between her & pops.
there was no way i was sleeping on the edge of the bed after nightmares...
where all the scary monsters that haunted my dreams could snatch me right from under the bed.
then i'd lie there for no more than a couple minutes,
quickly falling soundly asleep squished in between my two great parents.
luckiest kid ever.

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