27 July 2010

3 reasons why i'm lovin life today:

1. frosted mini wheats. oh me oh my there's nothin like a solid bowl of frosted mini wheats. i had three...ok ok ok four bowls of frosted mini wheats today. 2 for breakfast and 2 for dinner (yep...cereal for dinner. can you tell momma's outta town?). oh geeeez freakin louise just look at those crispy clusters of goodness below, mouth-watering really...but the milk has to be just the right amount...just enough so that it saturates the bottoms of the frosted mini wheats, leaving the frost untouched, so that when you put those delicious morsels in your mouth, there's just enough crunch with just enough moisture...not completely dry and crusty but not completely drenched in milk so that it's like you're chomping down on cereal that's been left out in the milk too long. ew gross.

2. fox trot. every morning for breakfast i open up one of our fox trot comic books and dig in. great way to start off the day if you ask me.

3. ramona & beezus. love love love this movie. just saw it today with paige. now i'm going to have to reread me some judy blume.

p.s. i shared some flipz pretzels with paige at the movie today which reminded me of this girl...

now flipz pretzels remind me of two of my favorite girls in the world.

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  1. Dito on the frosted mini wheats... I had two bowls of the Strawberry this mornin ;0) So fun reading what you have to share Ash! Love ya, your cuz, Erin.


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