02 June 2010

Once upon a time there was an ice cream man & his beloved ice cream truck...

i stalked the ice cream man in his ice cream truck with my lil bro hunt today after picking the big bad hardworking lifeguarding boy up from work. we were just scootin along our way with the windows rolled down blasting some great summer tunes (jack johnson to be exact) with the hot tennessee sun beating down & the bluest sky we'd had so far this summer...when all of a sudden a truck that looked exactly like an old school ice cream truck that i sadly haven't seen since i was like 12 pulled dangerously in front of us. i forgave the truck driver's foolish & idiotic driving immediately when i realized that low & behold it WAS an old school ice cream truck! so of course me & hunt had no choice but to stalk him & chase him till he stopped. it was hot, sun scorching, & our mouths started salivating. we had no choice but to act on impulse. the ice cream man finally pulled into a random economy parking lot, turned on the infamous, boppy tunes that brought back floods of memories of smoketree pool summers as a kid & proceeded to follow him back through some outdoor tree nursery & up this hill by all these sketchy & what looked like abandoned warehouses & garages...at this point me & hunt had tried, unsuccessfully, to get his attention by wailing our arms out of the windows & honking ferociously at the wheel. he was one stubborn & deaf ice cream man. just when we thought all hope was gone, he stopped at the top of this hill with the sketchy garages & rolled on back to serve us our much-anticipated ice cream. EUREKA! just as he parked the ice cream truck, people started coming out of the woodwork. by the time me & hunt got out of the car 5 or 6 people had already gotten in line to satisfy their own childish desire to get a yummy treat from the ice cream man & his beloved ice cream truck on a hot, hot summer day. after waiting patiently for our treat, me & hunt finally got what we had waited & worked so hard for...2 chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. yum yum YUM. thank you stubborn but wonderful, wonderful ice cream man for making our childhood dreams come true all over again...

...and they all lived happily ever after.

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