30 June 2010

dear fam,
have i told you lately that i freaking love you?
you are my best friends.
i love your company.
i know i always have you.
i couldn't have been put in a more perfect family for me.
love, ash

{i was texting with the madre yesterday and was so incredibly overwhelmed with gratitude for my family. i have one stinkin amazing family. ive been so lucky to spend the summer at home with my momma, dad, paige, todd & hunter...and on occasion see court and her beautiful fam. i miss meg so much though. meg & gabe pack your bags and get your butts over here to tennessee! miss y'all. can't wait to see her in a couple months! but for real...my family rocks and they are a perfect fit for me. they really are my best friends. the more i get to know them as we grow up the more in awe i am of the amazing people they all are and are becoming. they teach me so much. they have so many amazing talents and qualities that inspire me to work on continually improving myself. they are all such an inspiration to me. but these are just words...they don't even come close to how i really feel about them...words cannot describe. they da beeesttt!}


  1. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!! You amazing girl.

  2. Where would we be without our families? Lovely post!

  3. Your too cute! Love you so much Ashton. You bring so much to this family. Thank you for your positive energy and endearing little spirit.


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