17 May 2010

her story will touch your heart.
it continues to change mine.
as i follow her blog, nie-nie's dialogues,
i am reminded that things will be okay.
that this life is beautiful.
the opportunity we have to live is a gift.
we do not have time to waste it.

"We all have baggage to claim and it may be heavy or light, but God is always there.
The good news is, you have always been a son/daughter of God, and you always will be.
This, my friends should give you the confidence you need to get through anything.
What potential we have.
Do something, be someone that is good and beautiful."

thank you stephanie nielson.
you are proof that attitude is everything,
that hope & faith are real,
that life is beautiful,
that things truly will be okay,
that we choose to be happy,
that we all have great potential.

you are what it means to be beautiful.

please, please, please...
take a peek into what is nie-nie (here).
watch her video (here).
you will not regret it.

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