09 May 2010

dear momma,

thank you for being the selfless, strong, loving woman you've always been.
thank you for being my rock.
thank you for passing on all your antics to me.
(from cotton-pickin cruddy duds to idgity widgets to massive *blankblank*s)
thank you for your support no matter what choices i make.
thank you for all the late night phone calls.
thank you for sewing that blasted button on that dang shirt that i had to wear that one day.
thank you for not saying i told you so.
thank you for telling me what i need to hear.
thank you for those days where i came home to fresh, folded laundry & a clean room.
thank you for fortune cookie care packages.
thank you for having a ridiculously scary memory.
("it's a blessing...but also a curse" -monk)
thank you for window shopping with me.
thank you for rocking me, even though i'm 20 years old instead of 20 lbs.
thank you for sacrificing everything for your family.
thank you for your gut-wrenching, hearty laughter.
thank you for all the packed lunches & early mornings.
thank you for holding my hand & the bucket when i'm sick.
thank you for being my #1 fan.

thank you for being the best friend & mother a girl could ask for.
{baby ah & zoozoo's petals}

happy mother's day to all the sweet mommas of all kinds in my life!
{special love & gratitude for them on their special day.}


  1. That's perfect description of our great mamma. Happy Mother's Day Mom!

  2. Love you madre : )

    Miss you!!


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