14 April 2010

fortune cookie frenzy

{i was about to pop into bed, when miss janey told me i had a package in the mailbox. to my pleasant surprise, my mama sent me a lil' somethin, somethin in the mail. i scurry upstairs to open the package. as i tear open the box, lil' pieces of paper flutter out, as i realize that mom sent me a package of saved up fortunes & fortune cookies! & some allegra (hallelujah, 'cause this runny faucet of a nose, itchy eyes, and heavy head have GOT to GO)! mom always sends just what you need at exactly the right time. she's got a sixth sense about these things you know...}

{she must have picked out the good ones, 'cause they all rocked. none of those lame fortunes you get sometimes like, "you like chinese food"...well no DUH...or "work on improving your workout routine"...yeah that's not a joke...i really got a fortune that had that lil' wealth of knowledge plastered on it...talk about putting a damper on things.}

my favorites of the fluttering fortunes:

"the simplest answer is to act."
"live, think, and act for today. tomorrow may be too late."
"happier days are definitely ahead for you."
"an exciting opportunity lies ahead of you."


  1. Mom is always soooo good at sending things right when you need them most. She always seems to know....:)!

  2. She does she does!.....one great, in-tune, thoughtful woman if ya ask me!....p.s. i get to see you and the munchkins in less than two weeks!:)


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