16 March 2010

i woke up when i wanted, no alarm

i had the juiciest, tastiest pear w/ waffles

i organized casually while jamming to hawaiian tunes

i did my nails

i wrote letters

i washed my bed linens

...i love lazy mornings.

a much-needed way to start your days every once in a while.
it's good catharsis.

{"lazy" gets a bad rep most of the time. by definition, lazy means "moving slowly & gently." it all depends on how we decide to be lazy...'cause i sure as heck think it could do us all a world of good to move a little slower and a little more gently...slower & gentler go hand in hand with patience...take your time, soak up the moments, see the blessings, be a more gentle person, be more gentle with people, be more gentle with yourself, be more gentle with the world.}

oh. & to top it all off...it was a beautiful day. the sunshine was wonderful. 60 degrees baby.

{have a lazy day ya'll}

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