01 February 2010

white, mormon, tennessee virginian.
{not a huge fan of how i had to label/title this post, BUT it's all part of the message my professor is trying to convey...it worked. (explanation to follow)}

{i am taking a class this semester for my minor, teaching english as a second language, that has been so exciting for me. i look forward to what it has in store for me each week. i learn so much.& grow so much. we've been focusing on racism these past few weeks. for an activity, we were to create a cultural diorama about ourselves, choosing 3 "artifacts" that represent who we are culturally...our backgrounds, traditions, and daily activities. (p.s. for once in my life i have reason to love the social networking age we are in, as my professor said we could present our dioramas in a blog, if we so desired....sweet mother of pearl, did i ever!) it didn't take me long at all to decide my three "artifacts." it kind of surprised me at how quickly i was able to list them off. it reminded me about the most important people in my life...about the beliefs i have, the ones close to my heart...the core of who I am. i'm excited to share(:}

ash's artifact #1. my family

{my family. first & foremost, i am who i am today because of them. we are so close. they mean so much to me. there is a connection between us that is so strong. my parents have taught me so many guiding principles in my life. they teach through powerful example. they are who i turn to when nothing seems to be going right & who i turn to, to share my happiest moments. they have given me so much joy! my brothers & sisters are my closest friends. when i am with them, i am who i want to be. when i am with them, i want to be a better person. every single brother & every single sister offers such love & i am forever grateful for the individuals they are. i love the clan.}

ash's artifact #2. my savior

{my savior. he is my rock. i love this picture of the savior. can you imagine being wrapped in the arms of the savior? i can. i feel it everyday. some days are harder than others, but when i invite the spirit into my life, i find that he never leaves my side. he is always there. my true joy centers around my belief in him. that he has the power to bear my burdens. that he has the power to extend tender mercies. that he wants what's best for me. that he knows me better than i know myself. i love my savior.}

ash's artifact #3. my athletic shoes

{my athletic shoes. i play basketball. i run. i play soccer. these shoes represent so much of my life. the surface value of them is nothing compared to the priceless lessons i've learned as i've grown up participating in these sports. i've learned to always put your best foot forward. to always give it your all. to give it heart. to be a part of a different kind of family. to push yourself just a little further than you thought you could. to be honest, diligent, patient, persistent, understanding & selfless...on the court & off the court, on the field & off the field. to be your best self.}


  1. Very insightful.. you are a talented writer.
    How does this label sound..
    White, agnostic, vegan, liberal utahan. Hehe!


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