18 February 2010

{so, i'm in the process of simplifying my life, starting with my room. my wall is crazy with pics of all kinds, gidgets & gadgets up the wazoo. as i was taking them all down tonight & deciding what was most important to put up, what would make me most happy & ready to take on any day, best foot forward. what would bring me the greatest peace, love & happiness? it took me about 2 minutes to put up my favorite pictures of my family. i sat there on my bed thinking about how dang lucky i am to have such an amazing family. sometimes i feel like family is all you need to make it through. surrounding yourself with those who love you no matter what. love, love, love. i've been on this kick lately about it. spreading love. showing others that you care. making the best of what the world hands you & doing it with love. i'm realizing that's what it's all about. i love my family. i love my friends. i love meeting new people. i love feeling like i make a difference. i love it when people smile. i love my savior. i love making people laugh. i love it when people make me laugh so hard my abs hurt. i love a good chuckle. i love good talks. i love serving. i love my niece & nephew. i love my mama. i love my dad. i love my sister, meg. i love my sister, c. i love my brother, todd. i love my sister, paige. i love my brother, hunter. i love my family. i love inspiring things. i love to reminisce. i love feeling a connection with someone. i love that when i wake up in the morning, it's a chance at a new day. i love cold sheets & the fresh side of the pillow when i crawl into bed. i love a good nap. i love the feeling of a job well done. i'm so grateful for all the love in my life. i love that i'm alive right here, right now.}

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