11 February 2010

smiling & dangling feet
{almost every day my boss leaves a note on the clock-in machine at work laying out what i need to get done for the day & at the end of every note, he writes "smile it's thursday!" or "smile it's tuesday!" or "smile it's a happy day!"...& you know what...it never fails to put a smile on my face. why not smile just because it's tuesday? or thursday? smile! life is good!}

p.s. i'm sitting on my big comfy green slouchy couch with my dear wombmate (a.k.a. roomie) miss pings & we are dangling our feet listening to ingrid, noah & the whale & a lil james taylor. & it is one of the greatest feelings ever. mental note of how happy it makes me feel. especially dangling my feet. which is why i'm gracing you with some of the cutest dangling feet e'er.

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